2019 ENGNE Nationals Championships Awards Bursaries 

for Ottawa/Gatineau Cross-Country Skiing athletes


As a legacy component of the FIS World Cup event (Ski Tour Canada 2016, Gatineau) organized by ENGNE, the board of ENGNE was pleased to offer Bursaries for the 2018-2019 season to athlete members of ENGNE founding clubs.

These Championships bursaries were given to athletes participating in the Canadian Championships 2019. The bursaries were awarded to help reduce costs and encourage athletes to pursue excellence at the Championships.


Recipients for 2019

Junior B : $500

Magalie Daoust, Club Skinouk - $500

Mats Halvorsen, Nakkertok Nordic - $500

Sarah Macintosh, Nakkertok Nordic - $500

Stella Duncan, Chelsea Nordiq - $500

Tyler Allan, Nakkertok Nordic - $500


Junior A & Senior : $750

Antoine Cyr, Club Skinouk - $750

Bronwyn Williams, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

Dominique Moncion-Groulx, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

John Lindfors, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

Katherine Stewart-Jones, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

Pierre Grall-Johnson, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

Tove Halvorsen, Nakkertok Nordic - $750

Zoë Williams, Nakkertok Nordic - $750


The jury members were:

Caroline Forest, Club Skinouk

Elodie Brault, Centre de Développement du Sport de Gatineau

Kieran Jones, Nakkertok Nordic

Louise Poirier, Gatineau Loppet

Maurice Samm, Chelsea Nordiq